Social Initiatives

The Galvan Foundation addresses Hudson’s diverse social needs by partnering with local organizations,
providing grants to area nonprofits, and planning programs that directly serve community residents.

Salvation Army

Hudson has been identified by USDA as a “food desert”, meaning that many Hudson residents have limited access to healthy food. Taken in combination with Hudson’s high poverty rate, many households in Hudson face hunger and food insecurity.  Galvan is working to address this need in partnership with the Salvation Army’s Hudson Service Center.

Galvan Foundation is creating a new home for Salvation Armory at the southeast corner of Warren and Front Streets in Hudson, NY. The new space enables Salvation Army to expand their meal and food pantry programs, back to school program, and emergency assistance program. Salvation Army’s Hudson Service Center is currently feeding 60% of Columbia County’s hungry individuals and families through the meal and food pantry programs and the back to school program provides 100 children with back packs full of supplies from each child’s list from their individual teachers. The new location enables Salvation Army to increase the scale of these critical services.