Social Initiatives

The Galvan Foundation addresses Hudson’s diverse social needs by partnering with local organizations,
providing grants to area nonprofits, and planning programs that directly serve community residents.

Galvan Motel

Galvan is addressing the county’s emergency housing needs by acquiring and renovating a 25 room motel in Greenport, NY. The newly renovated motel, completed in September 2019, are fully furnished and achieve green design standards. The total development cost is $1,500,000, and was funded entirely by Galvan. 

Galvan partners with Columbia County Department of Social Services (CCDSS) to prioritize room reservations for CCDSS referrals. CCDSS currently books motel rooms throughout the county for their clients, paying a high cost for rooms that do not include support services or security. Galvan is partnering with CCDSS to ensure all guests have access to on-site support services, security, and transportation. CCDSS clients are now be able to stay in quality motel rooms that are safe and secure and live in close proximity to services and employment opportunities.

Galvan Motel is widely supported by individuals and organizations working to meet emergency housing needs in Columbia County. Most notably, Galvan Motel is supported by the Columbia Greene Housing Coalition, a coalition of organizations focused on promoting homeless housing and support services.