Historic Preservation


Robert Taylor House

BUILT: c.1790-1800

ADDRESS: 68 South Second Street, Hudson, New York



Shortly after Hudson was founded in 1783 by a group of thirty merchant seamen from New England, known collectively as the Proprietors, its earliest houses were erected by the families who were among the first to settle in the new city. By 1786, Hudson boasted more than 150 dwellings built of either wood or brick. The residence of Robert Taylor (1763-1827), who owned and operated a tannery along the South Bay in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, is among the few surviving houses erected in the city prior to 1800.

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Built by the prominent architect Isaac G. Perry in 1898, the Galvan formerly the Hudson Armory, is an impressive three-story masonry on the periphery of the Hudson Historic District that once housed York State Army National Guard. Owned by Galvan Partners, the has been the site of numerous community resources designed in to community needs: the Hudson Area Library, now with an inviting in which to welcome residents; Perfect Ten, a non-profit dedicated support 4th through 9th grade girls in their academic achievement new senior center operated by the city, a much-needed facility for Hudson's aging population.