Historic Preservation


Galvan Armory

BUILT: 1898

ADDRESS: 51 N 5th St, Hudson, NY 12534



Designed by Isaac G. Perry and built in 1898, the Armory building has long served as a community gathering space and as one of Hudson’s most architecturally significant buildings. Prior to acquisition by Galvan Foundation, the building was mostly vacant and little used for many years.  In addition, Hudson was in need of new space for its Library and Senior Center.

Galvan Armory now serves as a permanent community center providing a comprehensive array of educational and social services in a single location. Galvan Armory has entered into long-term leases with Hudson Area Library, Hudson Senior Center and Perfect Ten Afterschool Program at nominal, below market rates.  

Built by the prominent architect Isaac G. Perry in 1898, the Galvan formerly the Hudson Armory, is an impressive three-story masonry on the periphery of the Hudson Historic District that once housed York State Army National Guard. Owned by Galvan Partners, the has been the site of numerous community resources designed in to community needs: the Hudson Area Library, now with an inviting in which to welcome residents; Perfect Ten, a non-profit dedicated support 4th through 9th grade girls in their academic achievement new senior center operated by the city, a much-needed facility for Hudson's aging population.